What We Do

We provide the full event management solutions

Primarily, our pedigree is the management and delivery of our ‘own events’ to audiences from 200 to 5,000 guests. So, we know what we’re doing and we do it well, safely and to meet any customers budget.

Our professional management team can support you to deliver lots of event types:

  • Musical
  • Open Air Cinema
  • Themed Events (Oktoberfest or Bhangra!)
  • Private Parties
  • Wedding Festivals (More info 
  • Sporting Awards
  • Corporate Product Launches
  • Christmas Light Switch On’s

And much more…

Unsure where to start? Email us and we’ll get in touch to start some positive discussion and ideas, it’ll cost ‘Ewe’ nothing.

Stage Hire Packages

Are you ready to elevate your event to new heights? Look no further! We offer premium modular stage hire services that will transform your venue into a captivating spectacle, leaving your attendees in awe.

We offer a range of hire packages, which can be designed in all sorts of shapes to fit a particular footprint for both indoor or outdoor use.

Our stages can be supplied with;

  • Shell Only (No Decking – Suitable for Running Events)
  • LED Screens
  • PA Sound Systems (Basic / Advanced)
  • Analogue or Digital Mixing Desks
  • State of the Art Lighting
  • Sound Engineer
  • Lighting Engineer
  • SIA Security Staff

So, not sure where to start? Never held an event before but would love too? well we have, and lots of them…

Dangerous Sheep Events Ltd are based in the West Midlands and here to the rescue to take the stress and headache away from you.

When it comes to creating a stage that wows, we are your trusted partner. Email us today or call us on 0330 229 4041, for a friendly chat, we’d love to talk with ‘Ewe’!

Frequently asked Questions

How long do you guys need to build the stage?
Dependent on size, we can arrive and build a stage in around 2hrs. Obviously the bigger you go the more muscle and sheep time required, but we will let you know as ‘near-as-damn-it’ before even booking.
Can we supply our own bands and you just do the stage and bits?
Just tell us what you would like us to do and you wish to do, we’ll agree and sign off on that, simple. But… please make sure your artists and bands bring working connection leads, back-up USB sticks, and their own working equipment…
We’d love to have BMX bikes jumping through your stage with loads of flashing lights, can you do that?
Only if the back tyre is on fire. No really, dependent on insurance disclaimers, which we can discuss, virtually ‘anything’ is possible but it may cost a little more than a “Little Mix Tribute” event. We’re awaiting your call…
We’d love to do our first event, but we’re worried about trouble?
No problem, let us ensure your event goes to plan from the off, we can supply Security Industry Authority (SIA) approved friendly staff who are trained to help.
My friend has access to a big field and we’d love to do one of those ‘Ibiza Dance Nights’, but we don’t have power or any idea what we’d need to do?
We have silent mobile generators so there’s a start. The next will be event licencing, which we can manage to ensure we’re compliant. We can then take you through step by step the process to deliver your dream!
We’ve always wanted to hold an event but worried about noise and upsetting our lovely neighbours and the local village, how can we be friends to everyone?
Simple. First base communicate well with your neighbours and local villagers. Secondly, we will deploy decibel meters, which can be visually assessed online in ‘real-time’ showing everyone from Local Authorities to Neighbours what’s happening. Noise need not be a problem, if managed.
I can see you’ve delivered themed events, could you do a Leather & Larry Grayson Lookalike event?
Wowzah! Now then… Our director is a BIG lover of Leather and actually Larry Grayson (Shut that door!) We really need to talk more… No seriously, this is in fact our passion in helping anyone deliver their event dream, no matter how quirky. This is Dangerous Sheep Events back yard.
Why do companies get so cowin technical? What is a point or line array sound system, we just want speakers, help?
Sorry! But, whilst you’re on the cowin point, what a great word eh. Best pick up that phone and talk to one of the team, we’ll conquer more quicker by phone, than ‘death by email’ We’d love to talk with ‘Ewe’!
We’re only a School and it looks like you only do big packages, could you help us with Sports Day?
For sure. Actually, the Company was originally formed by helping many small organisations deliver their event. This actually included Cake Baking Clubs! So, we’d love to help you recognise some talent. Small stage and PA package with Compere and we’re running…

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Need more information about our stage and equipment hire? be sure to get in touch with the flocksters for more information and a quote for your event.

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