Meet the Flock

So, you want know where the name Dangerous Sheep came from…?

From a young boy living in a rural South Staffordshire village, to my early twenties we kind of made our own fun, which some would probably have said at the time, and even now, wasn’t ‘fun’ but noise and nuisance as this ‘fun’ nearly always involved music.

Music has been within my inner core since primary school, and remains so to date, with influences coming from my Grandad, Mom, Dad, family and close friends. This ranges from The Shadows, Johnny Cash, Marc Bolan, Showaddywaddy, Gary Numan and 2-Tone specialists, The Specials, but to name a few.

Within all of the above, parties were fundamental one would say to our well-being!

And boy, did our village clan know how to achieve just that. So, looking back we were, and still are a ‘Flock’ of fun-loving individuals who love to party, hence the name ’Dangerous Sheep Events’.

A selection of the said ‘original flock’ are proactively involved within the company to date.

Kevin ‘Ralph’ Taylor (Alias Leader of the ‘Flock’)
Director of Dangerous Sheep Events Ltd

On A Serious Note…

If you’re looking for just a dry hire business, to help deliver a stage and equipment, sorry to say that’s not us.

On the other hand, if you feel you want some enthusiastic, real customer facing, hands-on Sheep to really make things happen and work with you to deliver a truly memorable event, welcome, when can we meet?

We are experienced in the design, management and implementation of every aspect of an Event Management Plan for our own business events. We can deliver the same for you, ensuring your event is safe, compliant and most of all ‘fun’!

Check out ‘What We Do’ to find our much more…